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School Chaplaincy

The role of our school Chaplain is to provide social, emotional and spiritual support to students, parents and staff, taking into account the specific needs of this school.
Chaplaincy provides support for a range of day-to-day matters affecting the school community and communicate effectively with a diverse group of people.
Our chaplain operates from a framework of Christian belief and personally models and owns their own faith position. In the course of respectful dialogue.
Chaplains respond to questions and may, in good faith, express views and articulate values consistent with their own beliefs, however Chaplains must not take advantage of their position to proselytise, evangelise, advocate for or denigrate a particular view or faith.

Our Chaplain operates as a part of our student support team including the school’s guidance officer, school based health nurse, youth worker, community education counsellor and other support staff, working together with this team for holistic care of the school community.
Our school Chaplain will perform the following tasks to various extents:

1. Social and emotional support
· Provide pastoral care and personal support for students, staff and parents of the school community within a Christian framework in cooperation with the school’s support staff.
· Provide pastoral care and support following critical incidents.
· Assist in the development and outworking of the school’s care programs (including Education Queensland Learning and Wellbeing Framework, and anti bullying strategies).
· Provide activities and programs that build a positive school environment and help foster self esteem and build resilience among students.

2. Spiritual support
· Provide spiritual guidance to students, staff and families who seek it.
· Facilitate voluntary groups and activities for students seeking to explore and/or develop their spirituality.
· Encourage students to engage in meaningful dialogue regarding spirituality, religion, values and ethics, with an attitude of respectful inquiry.

3. Mentoring
· Facilitate mentoring programs with and for students (utilising peers and/or volunteers).
· Assist students to build positive, supportive relationships with peers, family and adults.
· Act as a role model for all students and the school community, demonstrating Christian values and upholding school community standards.
· Support the leadership development of students.
4. Community development
· Build and maintain a network of support agencies, churches and community groups who can provide a broad range of services to students and the wider school community.
· Build partnerships and coordinate the involvement of volunteers, churches and
community groups (under the direction and discretion of the Principal) to facilitate and/or enhance Chaplaincy activities.
· Assist the LCC and SU QLD to build the profile of the Chaplaincy Service in the
community and among supporters through newsletters, P&C reports, and speaking at local churches and other chaplaincy events.

5. Educational support
· Implement programs and activities that support the needs of students at risk of
disengaging from school.
· Facilitate and/or contribute to ‘life skills’ and personal development programs
· Provide assistance in the classroom and contribute to the learning outcomes of all students (in light of the overall purpose of the Chaplaincy Service)

6. Extra-curricular activities
· Participate in general school activities (assemblies, camps, excursions, sports day etc) and contribute to building a positive school environment.
· Develop voluntary activities for students that build a positive school culture and enhance personal wellbeing of students.
· As a member of the school team, seek to contribute to school events (staff meetings, parent-teacher evenings, awards nights etc) as relevant.
· Participate and/or initiate local holiday programs and/or camps.
Who is our school Chaplain?
Dan Dubbeld
Thuringowa State High School
(Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)
T: (07) 47538888
E: :
Rasmussen State School
(Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)
T: (07) 47896327

Thuringowa State High School community provides a chaplaincy program endorsed by the school’s Parents and Citizens’ Association and available on a voluntary basis to all students. The Chaplain is involved in a range of activities at this school which are free of religious or spiritual content. Many of these programs may be run by volunteers from the community including local churches under supervision and assistance from school staff and in accordance with school policy and procedures.
Parent consent, or in some cases, the student’s consent is required for 
participation in specific activities with religious or spiritual content.
If the Principal decides that the student has the appropriate level of maturity and understanding to give informed consent, the student must sign this form themselves. Otherwise, the parent must sign the form on the student’s behalf.

Any concerns from our school community should be directed to the school Principal if you believe that the chaplaincy service is operating outside these guidelines.
Last reviewed 26 September 2019
Last updated 26 September 2019